The Role of Clusters in Accelerating the European Recovery - previous recordings

Submitted by Veronika Muller on 21 October 2020

Since March, ECA has hosted over 100 webinars to analyse the implications and help industrial cluster with the post-pandemic regeneration. After putting the initial emphasis on ad-hoc recovery measures, the European Cluster Alliance Against Coronavirus Initiative is now focussing on the role of clusters in accelerating the European recovery. Hosted by the European Cluster Alliance (ECA), Eurada and the European Commission, the overall aim is to link and reinforce industrial ecosystems in the European Recovery Plans the Smart Specialisation Strategies.

In September, clusters were invited to the "S3: Smart Specialisation Strategies Week" in which will clusters and SMEs were taught how to make use of the EU Structural Funds for recovery. Furthermore, dedicated sessions for each of the 14 industrial ecosystems were held as well as webinars on Clusters in the European Recovery Plans and on the Partnerships of Industrial Modernization Platforms. In October, the focus of the ECA webinars is on the seven flagship areas established by by the European Commission.

Below you can find summaries and videos of the ECA webinars since September 2020 (The Role of Clusters in Accelerating the European Recovery). For summaries of previous sessions (March -July 2020), please follow this link. If you are interested in the topics and agenda of upcoming webinars, please check here.

To stay up to date with the agenda, you can ask to be included in the ECA mailing list. If you want to join this group, please write to nina.hoppmann [at] (subject: Email%20list%20of%20the%20European%20Alliance%20Against%20Coronavirus, body: Dear%20Nina.%0AI%20want%20to%20be%20included%20in%20the%20email%20list%20of%20the%20European%20Alliance%20Against%20Coronavirus.%0AMy%20personal%20data%3A%0AName%3A%0AEntity%3A%0Aemail%3A%0A) (nina.hoppmann[at]

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