Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Platform Questions

To create a user account on the ECCP and take advantage of the features on our new website, please follow the steps below:

  • From the home page:, click the “Register” button in the right-hand corner of the home page. This will begin the process of creating a new user profile.


To create a new user profile, [/user/register], users must complete all the mandatory fields with their information and click “Create new account.”

We would advise new users fill in as much information as possible. This will help communicate and collaborate with fellow users.

Completing all fields will also be useful should you experience any technical issues whilst using the ECCP.


  •  Selecting “Create new account” will create the new user account on the ECCP. A new user account does not need to be validated.

Please make a note of the email address and password used to create the new user profile.

To create an organisational profile on the ECCP, follow the steps below:

  • Cluster organisational profiles can only be created by users with a user profile. To receive the full benefits of the ECCP, collaborate with clusters across the EU and share news and updates, clusters must have a completed cluster organisational profile.
  • Once the user is on the “My Account” page, scroll down to the “user organisation” section and click “Register a profile” to begin the process of registering a cluster organisational profile


  • Selecting the “Register a profile” option will redirect you to the /register-your-profile page.


  • Click “Register” under the organisational profile section that is most relevant to your cluster. Please take time to carefully read the each definition and select the right option to avoid your cluster organisational profile being rejected.



  • On the pop-up window, please carefully read the terms & conditions and agree, before clicking the “Send” button.
  • This will take you to the /register/cluster-profile/step1 page, where users have four steps which must be completed before the cluster organisational profile can be sent for validation by the ECCP validation team.
  • The more accurately you fill out this information, the more appealing your cluster organisational page will look to other clusters who will be looking to collaborate.


Input all the mandatory fields. Complete the registration on all steps and on Step 4, submit the profile for the validation.



  • Your organisational profile will now be under “submitted for validation” state on the ECCP.


Your profile is now under validation review to publish it on our website. You will be notified by email when the validation has been complete and the result of the validation process.

Find out more about how to create a clusters profile here:


You can find out how to update your clusters profile here:

Administrators have general management rights of a cluster profile. Administrators can edit cluster organisational profiles as well as upload content on behalf of clusters.

  • To add an administrator to your profile, begin on your user profile, which should look like this:



Scroll down to the “Approved profiles” section.


Select the required profile of the cluster organisation. This will then take you to the published page of the desired cluster organisation.



Click the “Administrators” button from the menu. This will redirect to the administration page.


Select the “Members” button in the administration page. This will redirect you to the /members page.


  • Select the “Add member” button and enter the email address of the user that you would like to add an administrator to your cluster organisational profile. Please note, this user must have a user profile on the ECCP.

Select “Add to group”.


You will receive a message that indicates the user you added has been “added to this group.”


Go back to the “Members” page from the breadcrumbs then the other member will be added in the group profile.


  • You will now be able to asign the new user an administrator role.
  • To do this, select the checkbox against the new user you have added to the group and select “Add roles to the selected membership(s)” from the Action drop-down list.

Select the ‘administrator member’ role in the “Add roles” drop-down box and then click “Submit” button.

  • Select the “Apply to selected items” button to complete the process of adding an administrator.
  • The new user will now have full administration rights to your cluster organisational profile.



The user who is trying to gain access to the cluster organisational profile must have a user profile on the ECCP.

  • The user will need to contact the ECCP helpdesk by emailing [email protected] to begin the process of gaining access.
  • The ECCP helpdesk team will liaise with the ECCP technical team and advise the best method of helping the user gain access to the cluster organisational profile.
  • Please note that each request will be dealt with individually and access will only be granted to a cluster organisational profile if the request is deemed to be genuine.

Please refer to the second question.

Clusters are able to upload news and events to share their work and achievements with other clusters across the EU. This helps to increase the visibility of your cluster and increase registrations for your events.

Navigate to the approved cluster organisational profile by scrolling down to the “Approved Profiles” from the user profile.

Select the approved profile that you would like to upload content from to the ECCP.


Select the ‘Manage content’ tab on the cluster organisational profile.


  • This will redirect you to the “Manage profile content” page where the user can begin to create news or events.
  • Select the “create event” button.


  • Complete all the mandatory fields on the events page and select the “Save” button.
  • By completing all of the mandatory fields the user will be able to share as much information about the event as possible to reach more clusters and promote the event.
  • Should the event be promoted by the ECCP communications team, it will make promoting the event easier for the ECCP team if there is as much information as possible.


Once the fields have been completed, the user will receive a message to say that the “Community Event event name has been created”


These steps are the same for creating a news item on the ECCP.


Watch the video here on how to upload content to your ECCP profile:

If the account has previously been deleted or unpublished, please follow the steps below:

  • The user, who must have a user profile on the ECCP, should complete a draft profile and submit the profile for validation on the ECCP if their old profile has been unpublished.
  • The user, who must have a user profile on the ECCP, will need to create a new account on the ECCP if the old account has been deleted.
  • An account that has not been used for some time and someone no longer knows the password.

If a user has forgotten the password to their account, then the user should contact the ECCP helpdesk at, who will provide support to re-activate the user’s account.

You can watch a tutorial video on how to navigate news on the ECCP here: