There is clear evidence of regions all across Europe where clusters play a crucial role in regional economic development. The objective of the ‘Clusters meet Regions’ initiative is to facilitate the implementation of good practices where clusters play an active role in regional economies and are drivers for economic transition, and to create and promote collaborations between clusters and regional stakeholders for the industrial development of the regions​. 

To reinforce the connection between clusters and regional actors, 15 transnational workshops will be held over the next two years. These workshops will bring together clusters and policymakers at the local, regional, and national level to work on strengthening the industrial ecosystem of a selected host region.

The first and second events of the series acted as pilots. The following editions will be hosted in selected regions, after local and regional authorities but also innovation agencies, cluster organisations, business network organisation and other SME intermediaries answered our call for expression of interest (more information and applications here).

Next "Clusters meet Regions" editions in 2023:

Information and recordings of the ‘Clusters meet Regions’ editions: