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Welcome to the Green Transition Support Knowledge base!

Do you want to inspire and support businesses in their green transition?

Or: are you a business - trying to find the right tool for improving your own products or processes?

This is the right entry point for:

  • Getting an overview in which key areas of actions businesses typically realise resource efficiency potentials - and how.
  • Inspirational good practice examples:
    • A database of innovative solutions (showcases) and resource efficiency measures in practice (case studies) by frontrunners from different sectors
    • An opportunity for businesses to share their achievements by submitting contributions.
  • Practical tools to guide businesses through their individual Green Transition
    • Covering different stages of the journey, from self-assessment to reporting
    • Including the “Industrial Symbiosis Toolkit” to guide companies towards synergetic collaborations

Good practice examples

Get inspired by innovative resource efficiency solutions and explore good practices by sector or type of resource

Submit your contribution

Share your resource efficiency solutions and achievements to inspire others.

Industrial Symbiosis Toolkit

Find out more on how to implement industrial symbiosis

Key Areas of Action

Find out more on how to realise resource efficiency in different key areas

Agri-food Code of Conduct Tool

Become a signatory of the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices to access resources and best practices.