What is the Cluster Booster Academy?

The Cluster Booster Academy is specifically designed for supporting cluster managers in their current work as much as in the further development of their cluster. The Cluster Booster Academy aims to provide learning opportunities for cluster managers to further develop their own skills, but also their cluster’s future paving the way to becoming a cluster of the future. When daily tasks seem to be piling up on the desk, it is difficult to imagine what the cluster might look like in 5 years time or even 10 years time. Even more so, how do you take the time to think of a strategic approach to achieving your goals, e.g. gaining more cluster members, meeting new stakeholders, starting international collaborations? How do you intend to respond to the omnipresent issues of green and digital transition or resilience? With the methodology, tools and exchange that the Cluster Booster Academy offers we wanted to offer the space where all of these questions can be asked and answered – together!  

Previous Cluster Booster Academies

1st Cluster Booster Academy - Strasbourg, France 02-03 March 2023 📑 Read the event summary

2nd Cluster Booster Academy - Turin, Italy  21-22 September 2023📑 Read the event summary

3rd Cluster Booster Academy - Online 23-25 January 2024 / In person 11-12 March 2024, Sofia, Bulgaria 📑 Read the event summary on the online session

How was it?

The mix of different countries, industries, ecosystems and maturity levels allowed for a highly versatile exchange between all participants. Participants realized that no matter how great things might be going, there is always a ‘but’ and they were not alone with that. Participants and speakers discussed different topics close to their own work, giving each other tips, talking about future touchpoints, etc. It was incredible to see how open, supportive and engaged everyone was for the whole 2 days we spent together. This first Cluster Booster Academy truly started to build a community of European cluster managers with lots of different, but also similar experiences. Below you can find some quotes that capture their views:  

“Excellent opportunity to understand challenges of other clusters and connect with them.”

“The training provides an opportunity to create a better structure for any cluster, regardless of number of years.”

“The training can provide participants with a very strong knowledge and a wide range of practical skills. It also provides a unique opportunity for networking between European Clusters that no other event currently offers.”