Welcome to the new EU Clusters Support Ukraine Forum established by the ECCP. The Forum has been created to enhance the ability of European industry to contribute to the delivery of humanitarian aid for Ukraine and to support Ukrainian refugees in Member State countries. In this Forum you can share information, register your offers of assistance, propose collaborations and request assistance in order to facilitate procurement and delivery of urgent humanitarian requirements. These include food, hygiene products, medicines; as well as personal equipment to ensure survivability in war and refugee conditions, including shelters, clothing, bedding and accommodation. 

To help coordinate how you can provide help or express how you need help, the ECCP has created the EU Clusters Support Ukraine discussion group. In this discussion group you can share information, collaborate and discuss ways which you can offer assistance, propose collaborations and request assistance in order to facilitate procurement and delivery of urgent humanitarian requirements. You can join the EU Clusters Support Ukraine discussion group here.



Registration: Only registered users will be able to access this Forum. You can create an ECCP user account herePlease note that the registration of an organisation profile is not needed to access the discussion fora. However, if you wish to access all the services of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, then we invite you to register your organisation at your convenience here.

Please bear in mind that, due to the urgent nature of this Forum, no official checks on the published content will be carried out. The European Commission bears no responsibility for the accuracy of the information posted on this page.  Postings on these fora do not imply the European Commission’s endorsement of the organisations mentioned therein or their activities.

Please note: You may not use these fora to make offers or solicit needs for any military purposes.

We trust these spontaneous initiatives are usually genuine. You are strongly advised to do your own due diligence before you engage with anyone making offers or identifying needs on this site before you engage with them directly.

Finally: We reserve the right to delete any post or comment which is doubtful, outside the scope of the Forum, that is aggressive or is not compliant with the rules established for this Forum.

Should you need any help with the forum, please find our guide here. To submit EU Clusters Support Ukraine inquiries not intended for the fora, please send an email.

EU ongoing support to Ukraine

EU-Ukraine Cluster Partnership Programme

The actions of this programme will support Ukranian business integration in EU value chains and the development of cooperation projects and partnerships between European and Ukrainian clusters and business network organisations. It will foster cluster capacity-building, the professionalisation of support for businesses, especially for SMEs, and strengthen economic ties between European and Ukrainian ecosystems, regions and cities.

Find more information and apply now! Deadline: 4 June 2024


Enterprise Europe Network

For more information on the European Commission’s response, relevant for business, to the situation in Ukraine please visit: Enterprise Europe Network

Are you a EU or Ukrainian SME which suffered from a heavy loss of import/export market due to the current geopolitical situation? The Enterprise Europe Network “Supply Chain Resilience” platform will provide you with a partner matchmaking tool to help you overcome your urgent needs and any disruption to your value chain. The platform offers the opportunity to make targeted and time-efficient contacts with all actors in industry, academia and government.

The Enterprise Europe Network webinar for network advisers and cluster managers, "Investing and doing business in Ukraine", is now available to watch. Catch up on the main challenges and opportunities for doing business in Ukraine:



Are you representing a hospital in Kyiv or a refugee reception centre on the western borders of Ukraine? If you are, please post your needs here so that forum users can respond to you. We know there are many other urgent humanitarian needs that must be met; these are just two examples. Use this forum and connect with others who can help you.


Can you provide material, technical humanitarian assistance or jobs to people and organisations impacted by the war in Ukraine? If you can, please post your offers of support here and connect with people who urgently need your help.

Logistics & Coordination

Can you provide transport and/or logistics planning capability to transfer humanitarian assistance from EU Member States to the people of Ukraine, and to Ukrainian refugees in the border countries of the EU? Please use this forum to tell people how you can help.