Flagship area “Modernise”

Submitted by Veronika Muller on 18 January 2021

Summary of the European Alliance Against Coronavirus Webinar on 30 October 2020

In order to benefit from the Recovery and Resilience Facility, the main instrument for the European economic recovery, Member States should submit their draft recovery and resilience plans outlining national investment and reform agendas that are in line with the EU policy criteria. The Commission strongly encourages Member States to include in their plans investment and reforms in seven flagship areas: Power up, Renovate, Recharge and Refuel, Connect, Modernise, Scale-up, and Reskill & Upskill.

The flagship area “Modernise” is defined in the Annual Growth Strategy 2021:

“EU-ID and key digital public services should be modernised and accessible to all. Secure and EU-wide electronic identification and authentication vis-à-vis governments and private actors and access to their services, will provide citizens with control over their online identity and data as well as enable access to online digital services. The digitalisation of public administration and services will increase the effectiveness of both. This includes also the justice and healthcare system.​

By 2025, Member States should ensure the provision of a European digital identity ​(e-ID) and public administrations should be providing interoperable, personalised and user-friendly digital public services​.​”

Henrik Dahl and Anna Fjällström from Future Position X in Sweden presented their project to improve the digitisation of the public sector. Taking the approach to combine the technical side with organisation and business, they supported public institutions in creating business models around their proposed digital solutions. A key component is competence in change management, analysis, and data management.

The group shared the view that Europe needs to make better use of its data and develop projects to find the needs and possibilities. Furthermore, the data standardisation in European with companies and administrations remains a topic to work on.

Find more information about Future Position X’s “Business models for data in public sector”: https://fpx.se/en/business-models-for-data-in-public-sector/

A recording of the session is available here.

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