Within the European Alliance Against Coronavirus Initiative, the European Cluster Alliance (ECA) is hosting webinars on a regular basis. These are open to public and can be accessed to the link provided at the bottom. 

We also provide summaries and recordings of pervious webinars! Under this link you can find summaries and videos of the sessions held from March until June 2020, which revolved around pertinent issues of clusters during the COVID-19 crisis. To read more on the ECA webinars on The Role of Clusters in Accelerating the European Recovery (since September 2020), please follow this link. In these webinars, the overall aim is to link and reinforce industrial ecosystems in the European Recovery Plans the Smart Specialisation Strategies.  

The agenda for the February sessions has been announced. These sessions are held in the context of EU Industry Days and EU Industry Week 2021.

Topics include:

  • 2 February: EU Initiatives in 2021
  • 4 February: Co-funding for Covid-19 therapy research
  • 9 February: Covid lessons for industrial strategy
  • 11 February: Ecosystem approach to meet challenges
  • 16 February: Obstacles in green and digital transition
  • 18 February: Position paper for industrial strategy
  • 23 February: Digital Markets Act
  • 25 February: Clusters as drivers of green transition

The links to the latest meetings are here

All videoconferences are held using the same link:

Meanwhile, you can listen to previous webinars. The links to the previous meetings are here.

For further information and if you want to be included in the mailing list of this group please write to nina.hoppmann [at] (subject: Email%20list%20of%20the%20European%20Alliance%20Against%20Coronavirus, body: Dear%20Nina.%0AI%20want%20to%20be%20included%20in%20the%20email%20list%20of%20the%20European%20Alliance%20Against%20Coronavirus.%0AMy%20personal%20data%3A%0AName%3A%0AEntity%3A%0Aemail%3A%0A) (nina.hoppmann[at]

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