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The European Cluster Collaboration Platform, on behalf of the European Commission, in partnership with the North-East Regional Development Agency Romania and the Romanian Cluster Association - CLUSTERO jointly organized the Clusters Meet Regions conference and matchmaking event on 21-23 November 2023 in Iasi, Romania.

Themed “Clusters as drivers of regional innovation eco-systems,” the conference debated the role of clusters as reliable dialogue partners in the design, implementation and ongoing monitoring of regional development policies and programmes with a focus on smart specialisation, skills for industrial transition and entrepreneurship.

A particular emphasis was put on the international and interregional cluster-cooperation in relation to Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova against the wider Danube Region perspective.

Clusters, SMEs and other European innovation actors were also invited to discover the business and technology potential of Eastern Europe in a dedicated matchmaking event, organised on 22nd November afternoon with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network, with a focus on ICT, agrifood, wood & furniture, textiles, energy and environment, health, tourism and bio-economy sectors.

Download the Final Agenda, take a look at the Input Paper and read the summary article.

Context and Objectives

15 regional workshops were being organised in those EU regions that expressed interest in hosting such a workshop during 2022-2023 as part of the “Clusters meet Regions” cycle. These events brought together clusters and policymakers within the EU from national, regional, and local levels in order to learn from each other how to better use clusters to strengthen industrial ecosystems, serve national/regional economic development and liaise with other regions facing similar transition challenges.

The objectives of the Clusters Meet Regions workshop in Iasi were to strengthen the role of clusters as:

  • a reliable interface between macro-regional, national, and regional economic policy actors and their member organisations
  • catalysts of regional innovation and dual transition processes 
  • channels for high added value support services for SMEs.
Target Group

The event brought together onsite over 150 representatives from clusters, companies, national and regional public authorities and business support organisations from Romania and other European countries as well as researchers, civil society, financial intermediaries, innovation agencies, industrial associations, investors, and other related actors.

Discover Iasi
discover Iasi

The registration for Clusters Meet Regions workshop in Iasi, Romania is closed! 

Presented materials in the frame of the event:

Day 1 – 22 November 2023

Keynote Speeches – Clusters as facilitators of smart growth in the world of change

Jan-Philipp Kramer Team Leader 'Data & Policy', ECCP - download presentation

Daniel Cosnita, CLUSTERO - download presentation

Panel discussion – Clusters for interregional and cross-border cooperation

Enrico Venturini, Manager, Technological District Moda Toscana - download presentation

Carmen Mihai, Manager, Imago-Mol Cluster - download presentation

Yari Borbon, Expert, Technopolis Group, S3 CoP secretariat - download presentation

Farha Brahmi, Network Manager, The Vanguard Initiative - download presentation

Miljana Cosic, Team Manager, Steinbeis Europa Zentrum - download presentation

Pitching Session. Clusters for green, digital and resilient transition. Clusters presenting themselves

Cristina Colonna d’ Istria, Delegate Manager, Ea eco-enterprises, P2GreenEST support services for UE SMEs & Clusters working on circular economy transition: a win-win Easter-Western collaboration targeting Moldova and Ukraine - download presentation

Ukrainian Clusters pitching session

UA Cluster Pitches facilitated by Roman Lysenko, giz - download presentation

Moldovan Clusters pitching session

MD Cluster Pitches, facilitated by Simion Berzoi, Expert, UNDP Moldova - download presentation

Romanian Clusters pitching session

Marius Geru, Open Hub Creative Cluster - download presentation

Rezső Kádár, Pro Wood - download presentation

Diana Balta, Iconic Cluster - download presentation

Genoveva Cojocaru, Bionest - download presentation

Lidia Betoaea, eDIHDIZ - download presentation

Gabriela Toader, RoHealth - download presentation

EU Clusters pitching session 

Antonio Soria, Technological Association - download presentation

Johan Wasberg, Energy Vasa Cluster - download presentation

Giuseppe Croce, Federcanapa - download presentation

Lidia Morcillo, Catalonia Fashion Cluste - download presentation

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