Expired funding and tender opportunities

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The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Call for Proposals is now open

Deadline: 08 June 2022

Is your organisation ready to enhance and facilitate the exchanges of entrepreneurs? We are delighted to announce that a new Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs call for proposals has been launched! The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme: This...

EU FAB call for tenders

Deadline: 03 June 2022

The EU has responded to the COVID-19 emergency by ensuring the timely production and distribution of vaccines. However, the pandemic has highlighted the need for Europe to be better prepared for future health emergencies. The EU’s biggest health...

METABUILDING: Second GROW/HARVEST Call for Financial Support to SMEs for…

Deadline: 25 May 2022

METABUILDING: second GROW/HARVEST call for financial support to SMEs for collaborative innovation projects The overall objective of the METABUILDING project is to bring innovation to the “traditional” value chain of the construction sector and expand...


EU-Catalyst Partnership Call for Pioneering Green Technologies

Deadline: 13 May 2022

Are you a cluster or SME in green technology? The Breakthrough Energy Catalyst has published a request for proposals for green technology projects. The request aims to create investments in a portfolio of high-potential projects in the fields of...


Public Procurement of Innovation Development Open Call

Deadline: 03 May 2022

Are you a cluster or SME in innovation? The European Commission is looking to further develop the potential of innovation in public procurement across the EU. In order to achieve this, the Commission has launched an open call to increase innovation...


SecurIT First Open Call

Deadline: 26 April 2022

Are you an EU cluster or SME developing IT security solutions? The SecurIT project aims to address gaps in the European security industry through innovative solutions. In this context the project has launched its first open call. The project will...


F2F Health Matters Open Call for SMEs: Internationalisation support to Canada

Deadline: 14 April 2022

The F2F (Farm to Fork) Health Matters project is an internationalisation accelerator for innovative agri-food SMEs. The project has launched its first call to support the internationalisation actions of SMEs to Canada – the first target country...


GALACTICA Second Open Call

Deadline: 30 March 2022

GALACTICA aims to demonstrate the viability of new industrial value chains regarding the textile and aerospace sectors based on advanced manufacturing across the EU. The project has launched its second call for proposals, with a total budget of €1.64...


Horizon Europe Call for Raw Materials in Complex Supply Chains

Deadline: 30 March 2022

Are you a cluster or SME in raw materials? Horizon Europe has an open call to try and improve supply chain transparency and ensure the sustainability of European raw materials. Context There is a need to improve EU supply chain data transparency and...


Sustainability Partnerships Call for SMEs

Deadline: 15 March 2022

The European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) has an open call to create partnerships between NGOs, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and SMEs. The goal of this call is to team the expertise of NGOs and CSOs to assist SMEs in...



Deadline: 14 March 2022

ReStartSMEs is opening a call for Expression of interest for Cluster Associate Partners to extend the impact of its activities to European Countries beyond the one already covered by consortium partners. Clusters (or other legal entities)...

Sustainable Tourism Growth and SME Support Open Call

Deadline: 16 February 2022

Are you a cluster or SME in the tourism industry? The European Commission’s Single Market Programme (SMP) has an open call to create a more sustainable tourism ecosystem. The goal is to align the tourism strategy with the EU’s SME strategy and...