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The SmartLabels project goes towards the integration of smart labels in the wine sector

SmartLabels is an intercluster and transautonomous initiative that tries to develop smart labels using contactless technology, to offer other functionalities to packaging such as product traceability or counterfeiting control systems. It is a project promoted within the framework of the support...

IV International Intercluster Meeting: Lombardy meets Catalonia

Catalonia was a pioneer region in cluster policy, used as a tool to improve industry competitiveness through improving strategic positioning of companies and the business environment in which they compete. With a background of more than 25 years, Catalan cluster policy features some key elements: a...

300 participants co-create inspiring future cluster initiatives at the GROW your REGIOn conference

The second edition of the GROW your REGIOn conference was held in Valencia, Spain, from 8 to 9 November 2017. 315 stakeholders from 25 countries shared their experiences and ideas about future actions for 'Boosting smart interregional collaboration through clusters'. The event took place in ‘Veles e...