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Testimonials of a cluster exchange - IDL 2023 - Austria

In May 2023, Photonics Austria organised an event to celebrate the International Day of Light (May 16th) and introduce the Austrian Photonics ecosystem to visitors from abroad. During this 3 days event, participants got the opportunity to visit multiple companies and learn more about the expertise...

Training/Services Open Call

This Training/Services Open call consist of three different strands: the two first ones will allow European SMEs to pursue trainings/services related to Green Transition and Internationalisation and the third one - the International mission support scheme - will help SMEs in attending the...
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Photonics4industry video - Discover the new cluster services

Photonics4industry partnership is happy to present the freshly released video introducing the new cluster services implemented in the framework of the project. Link to the video
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Call for innovation funding of PIMAP4Sustainability is open! March 1st-May 3rd

PIMAP4Sustainability is thrilled to announce the launch of our Innovation Open Call ! This Open call will allow us to fund innovation projects for SMEs from the Photonics, Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing value chains with application in three themes: - Aerospace ✈️ - Metalworking 🔩 -...

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Innovative technologies provide solutions for the aerospace industry

The aerospace industry having a more prominent international footprint than any other sector, it is understandable that it is facing a multifaceted and complex future. Digitalization, climate change and cybersecurity are some of the challenges the aeorospace sector are dealing with. Aerospace...

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Photonics to tackle the steel and metal industry challenges

The steel industry, as well as most other metal industries, are parts of a circular economy. However, this means that the value of end-products is degraded to raw material level. There is today a renewed interest to find solutions on how to make this loop smaller, e.g. by repair and retrofit of...

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PIMAP4Sustainability Kick-Off

All PIMAP4Sustainability partners are delighted to announce the launch of the PIMAP4Sustainability project. At their first consortium meeting, the project partners officially launched the project and discussed the task ahead to implement all activities dedicated to the support of European SMEs. This...

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Lithuanians will talk about the synergy of agri-food and photonics at the EU Industry Days

On February 11th, participants of the EU Industry Days will have an exceptional possibility to learn more on the unique topic “AgriFood and Photonics: the synergy through cross-ecosystem collaboration”, which is initiated by the “AgriFood Lithuania DIH” and the Laser and Engineering Technology...

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Join the webinar: „Innovation and Photonics Technology – Now You Can!“

Traditional industry and high-tech companies are invited to the webinar „Innovation and Photonics Technology – Now you Can!“ organized by the Laser and Engineering Technologies cluster (LITEK ™) and Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC). The webinar will be about shaping Europe’s...

BiOS and Photonics West 2018: strong presence from the ALPHA-RLH cluster and its members

The international trade fairs BiOS and Photonics West were held in San Francisco from 27 January to 1 February 2018, bringing together actors in photonics, lasers and biomedical optics from around the world.The ALPHA-RLH cluster attended the two fairs with ten of its member-companies: I2S, ISP...

ALPHA-RLH organised a fruitful mission to Singapore

ALPHA-Route des Lasers & des Hyperfréquences, in cooperation with Business France and Photonics France conducted a mission on optics and photonics in Singapore from 21 to 25 October. The delegation was composed of 2 others French clusters, OPTITEC and Photonics Bretagne, as well as 7 companies. The...

The question: „To go or not to go (international)?“. The answer: LASER-GO!

Linas Eriksonas, coordinator of the ESCP-4i partnerships LASER-GO and LASER-GO GLOBAL is not afraid to do pioneer work, striving to build up strong, sustainable trust-based relationships „for life“ with partners in strategic markets outside Europe. The goal for the collaborating 6 European clusters...