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📍15 - 16 June 2023, Media Evolution, Stora Varvsgatan 6A, Malmö , Sweden

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform on behalf of the European Commission in partnership with Region Skane, Media Evolution, Sustainable Business Hub, Livsmedels-akademin, Syd Industriellt utvecklingscentrum, Mobile Heights and Packbridge jointly organizedthe Clusters Meet Regions workshop on 15 -16 June 2023 in Malmö, Sweden.

Themed, “Clusters as boosters of innovation in industrial ecosystems”, the event demonstrated the best examples in all Skåne´s specialisation areas and spotlight how clusters act as drivers of regional competitiveness by identifying needs and opportunities, facilitating access to knowledge and through mobilising and facilitating cooperation among stakeholders. Besides, we also discussed the interregional dimension and its potential collaboration opportunities to strengthen EU value chains in different industrial ecosystems. Alongside the one-and-a-half-day programme, participants were offered visits at companies specialised in tech, food, and life science & health.

Download the Final Agenda and Participants' Booklet.


For a comprehensive understanding of the clusters landscape and economic profile of Skåne and South Sweden, we suggest reading the dedicated Input paper. It outlines key observations and considerations for the region's future development and showcases cross-border cooperation and the involvement of Skåne clusters in European networks and support initiatives.

Clusters meet Regions’ event “Clusters as boosters of innovation in industrial ecosystems” – the case of Skåne



15 regional workshops are being organised in those EU regions that expressed an interest in hosting such a workshop in the period 2022-23 as part of the “Clusters meet Regions” cycle. These events bring together clusters and policymakers of the EU at the national, regional, and local levels to learn from each other how to better use clusters to strengthen industrial ecosystems, serve national/regional economic development and liaise with other regions facing similar transition challenges.

The overall objective of the Clusters Meet Regions - Skåne is to give visibility on how clusters can be integrated into the design and implementation of regional development policies where clusters are drivers of regional competitiveness, growth, employment and innovation, and act as key accelerators and enablers for digital and green transitions as well as to strengthen resilience. The event also aims to create and promote collaborations between clusters and regional authorities in Skåne, as well as foster cooperation with other European clusters in the same or related economic activities and thus complement regional assets and reinforce capacities to lead the green transition, accelerate the digital transition and build resilience. 


The event brought together onsite over 100 representatives of the EU clusters and companies, national and regional public authorities and business support organisations from Sweden and other EU regions as well as researchers, civil society, financial intermediaries, innovation agencies, industrial associations, investors, and other related actors.

Clusters Meet Regions - Skåne ended with a party at Media Evolution, Malmö (the main venue), and all speakers and delegates are  invited to join.


The registration for Clusters Meet Regions workshop in Malmö is now closed. 

Presented materials in the frame of the event:

15 June 2023

Session 1: Introduction: Clusters as boosters of innovation in industrial ecosystems

Setting the scene – Presentation of ECCP input paper for Skåne Region, Jan-Philipp Kramer, Head of EU Services, Prognos

Session 2: Introduction: Clusters as boosters of innovation in industrial ecosystems

Region Skåne’s Innovation Strategy for Sustainable Growth (FIRS), Daniel Kronmann, Strategist and Head of the Regional Development of Skåne

Region Blekinge Innovation Strategy for Sustainable Growth, Daniel Sköld, Strategist

Session 3: Method: The role of enablers of Digital and Green Transitions Moderation

Tech - The role of clusters in the design of FIRS TECH, Björn Ekelund, Head of FIRS Tech & COB Mobile Heights - From policy to practice: DigIThub AI, Presenting which stated needs the project met and a user case, Pernilla Lavesson, Project Manager

Food Innovation - The role of clusters in the design of FIRS Food Innovation

Advanced materials and manufacturing - The role of clusters in the design of FIRS Advanced materials and manufacturing, Marie Malmberg Lavsen, CEO of Packbridge and Camilla Dahlin, former CEO, IUC Syd

Smart Sustainable Cities - The role of clusters in the design of FIRS Smart Sustainable Cities, Håkan Rosqvist, CEO of Sustainable Business Hub 

ESS, Max IV and the Science Village innovation system - Krisztina Halasz Anderberg, Business Development Region of Skåne

Life Science & Health - Petter Hartman, CEO, Medicon Village

Session 4: Interregional collaboration

Interregional collaboration EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, Esa Kokkonen, Main Coordinator, Policy Area Innovation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

16 June 2023

Session 1: Action! The Future of the Clusters Landscape

Storytelling into a new area of Clusters, James Wilson, Research Director, Orkestra, Basque Institute of Competitiveness

CAFEIN’s contribution to connect European innovation ecosystems thanks to clusters, Pauline Capus, CAFEIN Project Coordinator and AFPC General Manager, French Association of Competitiveness clusters

Session 2: Implementation!: Futures for regional development and clusters

”The future of the regional programme” in Sweden, Ewa Andersson, program manager, Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

New European Bauhaus as an example, Ulrika Sjölund, University of Borås and Håkan Rosqvist, CEO of Sustainable Business Hub

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