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The services of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform to support your work

Our Services ClusterXchange


ECCP supports short term exchanges to better connect Europe's industrial clusters and their ecosystems.


EU Clusters support Ukraine Forum

ECCP enhances the ability of European industry to contribute to the delivery of humanitarian aid for Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees.

Our Services Funding and Tenders

Funding and tenders

ECCP provides an overview of relevant funding and tenders for your work.

Our Services Events


ECCP organises and shares events organised by either ECCP or others related to cluster development.

Our Services Knowledge Sharing Platform

Knowledge sharing forum

ECCP has for its registered members a knowledge sharing forum where you can exchange with others.



"I was impressed with the work and activity of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform before this mission but now I’m positively evangelical; active participation in international cluster collaboration is hugely valuable for our members"
Sam Goodall, Cambridge Cleantech, UK
"Thanks to the EU and ECCP for organising matchmaking events and bring companies R&D clusters all around the world together. Let's boost innovation together!"
Heidrun Hochreiter, Food Cluster Business Upper Austria, Austria
"I made contacts with very relevant people and we have already taken next steps in cooperation and establishment of genuine partnership between Canada and our region."
Goran Mladenovic, NiCAT Cluster, Serbia
"As a newly established cluster, first step is too be visible. Through ECCP we had the opportunity to participate at several matchmaking events. We already met almost 1000 people who represent or have relation with clusters."
Kinga Kristó, Transylvanian Mechanical Engineering Cluster, Romania
"As long as all the other events organised by the ECCP was a very applied and concrete event and it offered the perfect environment for making new contacts, best practices sharing and links for future projects. It was a great experience, a lot of innovative ideas"
Bianca Muntean, iTech Transilvania, Romania