Industry Strategy 2030

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12 main levers of change - the story of transformation in the heart of Europe

We were able to identify 12 levers on 4 main carbon sources that could potentially reduce the main share of CO2 emissions (over all 3 Scopes) at our industrial park in Frankfurt Höchst. The 4 main sources of CO2 are: - Natural Gas / Methane - Ethylene - Methanol - Acetic Acid The 12 levers we...


A vision for the European Industry until 2030

In December 2017 the European Commission established The Industry 2030 high level industrial roundtable, consisting of 20 experts selected following an open call for applications, to provide independent advice on future EU industrial policy action. On 24/07/2019 DG GROW published the final report of...

Skills for Industry Strategy 2030

Europe is facing an ever-growing skills gap that risks to slow down future growth and exasperate social disparities. This calls for a large-scale response to upskill and/or reskill the European workforce. How can Europe successfully scale-up best practices and fund this massive effort? Over two days...