12 main levers of change - the story of transformation in the heart of Europe

Submitted by Marcel Loewert on 03 February 2023

2023_P4S neues Hintergrundbild

We were able to identify 12 levers on 4 main carbon sources that could potentially reduce the main share of CO2 emissions (over all 3 Scopes) at our industrial park in Frankfurt Höchst.

The 4 main sources of CO2 are:
- Natural Gas / Methane
- Ethylene
- Methanol
- Acetic Acid

The 12 levers we currently investigate are:
- Green electricity
- Electrification of process heat
- Synthetic Methane from CO2 (CCU)
- Carbon-free burning gases (H2, Methane pyrolysis)
- Biogenic Methane
- Green ethylene from CO2 (CCU)
- Recycling + Cracking of plastics
- Synthetic Methanol from CO2 (CCU)
- Methanol from green sources
- Synthetic Acetic Acid from CO2 (CCU)
- Recycling

We now actvitely seek networks, partnerships, solution providers and other interested parties that identify with the topics and technologies we picture here.

We would love to get in touch with motivated parties eager to better the world.

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