Best practices

Fine-tuned energy management in French cannery

Better data... in the can Carbon Footprint analysis points to the need for better, comparable data feeding optimised metering and operations Measures lead to 36 % savings on steam production and reduced water consumption by 5.3 litres for each tonne of production The Russy Bémont plant processes 30...
Best practices

Maintenance of cooling and freezing equipment

Freezer rooms, cold rooms, and controlled ambient stores represent a considerable financial investment and should, with proper maintenance, last for 20 or 30 years. Damage and degradation to freezing and cooling equipment can result in poor performance and increasded running costs. Common problems...
Best practices

Energy efficient production of salads

Sometimes the small things deliver the biggest savings Food producer identifies simple yet effective energy savings in its heating and cooling processes New stoves and ovens save € 13 200 in annual energy costs, while a new cooling system saves € 12 000 Denito is a Bulgarian producer of salads...