Call for EU Cooperation and International Dialogues in Cybersecurity and Privacy Research and Innovation (H2020/CSA)

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 15 August 2016

Recognising the increasing importance of securing our European Digital Society against cybersecurity threats, a significant increase in related Research and Innovation activities has been observed such as the development of local cybersecurity and privacy innovation clusters, as well as investment driven at regional and national level. In order to maximise thematic synergies between H2020, EU and national efforts in the area of cybersecurity R&I, a better overview of these activities is needed.

Globally, an exchange of views and possible cooperation around cybersecurity and privacy research and innovation approaches, policies and best practices with like-minded third countries is also necessary in order to bring relevant elements of comparison and allow European stakeholders (public and private) to actively participate in those discussions which will determine the future global cyber security landscape.

The call addresses 3 strands with the following scopes:

1.    Synergies between H2020, EU Member States and associated countries R&I activities and cybersecurity innovation clusters.

2.    International dialogue with Japan

3.    International dialogue with the USA

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