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1st batch of SecurIT funded projects -21 innovations for more secured, safe and resilient Smart Cities and Territories

The ultimate goal of the EU H2020 funded project SecurIT is to address multiple key gaps by supporting the development and the integration of innovative security solutions in a new global competitive industrial (& service) value chain SecurIT website :
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Seven Security Clusters Join Forces for a More Secure Europe

On the 30th of April 2021, during the Munich Cyber Security Conference, seven security clusters announced their collaboration through the initiative EnSure Collaborative, a network of clusters, interconnecting their local security and safety ecosystems, people and infrastructures, forming a European...
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The new EU-funded PUZZLE project is here for SMEs and citizens when their cyber prevention efforts fail

Selected as one of the most innovative new approaches in cybersecurity by the European Commission, PUZZLE aims to strengthen cyber safety by focusing on post-threat mitigation, filling an important security gap for many SMEs and citizens. Cybersecurity is the base-layer of Europe’s shift towards a...


Call for EU Cooperation and International Dialogues in Cybersecurity and Privacy Research and Innovation (H2020/CSA)

Recognising the increasing importance of securing our European Digital Society against cybersecurity threats, a significant increase in related Research and Innovation activities has been observed such as the development of local cybersecurity and privacy innovation clusters, as well as investment...