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Clusters as key drivers of regional development and growth (the case of Silesia)

The paper presents observations on the Silesia clusters’ ecosystem and outlines some key considerations for the future development of the region. These considerations may pose some open strategic questions, which can be addressed in the workshops of the “Clusters meets Regions” event. The following key takeaways are summarised below:

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Dilemmas of Mature Cluster Programmes

Through the experiences of some of Europe’s most mature cluster policies and programmes, this paper takes a deep dive into some of the key choices in the design of a cluster programme and policy. Dilemmas such as overcoming challenges in the current programme and keeping the programme up to date with the latest trends such as green transition, digitalisation, globalisation and societal challenges...

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Report on the survey Identification of disruptions in value and supply chains

In March and April 2022, the European Cluster Collaboration Platform on behalf of the European Commission ran a survey to understand our current reality and disruptions in European value and supply chains. The aim of the survey was to understand the impact of Russia’s war on Ukraine and the geopolitical situation on companies and industrial ecosystems, and to look for approaches to find solutions...

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Towards Green Transition Facility Cluster Projects

Overview document of the 25 cluster projects who participated in the ECCP's Towards Green Transition Facility.

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CulturEU Funding Guide

The CulturEU funding guide shows EU Funding Opportunities for the Cultural and Creative Sectors for 2021-2027.

It has been developed to support all types and sizes of stakeholders working in the CCS to help them navigate the EUfunding landscape, to understand which opportunities are available to them, and ultimately to help them access EU funding more easily.

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Final report of the Towards Green Transition facility

Final report of the ‘Towards Green Transition’ facility - Reporting on the 25 TGTF projects, success stories, feedback and lessons learned.

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Clusters of social and ecological innovation in the European Union, perspectives and experiences report

This report identifies the model of Clusters of Social and Ecologic Innovation (CSEI) and explores their presence across the European Union. The analysis had the following objectives: 

1) To obtain a socioeconomic characterisation of the CSEI concept 
2) To identify and analyse the main innovative aspects that CSEI bring about to social and ecological transitions and
3) To identify and...

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Report on Canada: technological capacities and key policy measures

The first section of this report outlines the capacities of Canada in terms of technology generation (patent applications), followed by an analysis of international competitiveness in technology-based products (export shares) and finally entrepreneurial dynamism (venture capital activities and investments in tech firms).

The second section analyses the main Canadian policy strategy in support...

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Clusters Driving the Green and Digital Transition Event - Input Paper

Input paper: Leveraging clusters for a green, digital and resilient EU economy – Policy Toolkit

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Clusters Driving the Green and Digital Transition Event - Output Paper

Output paper from the Driving the Green and Digital Transition event co-organised by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform and Île-de-France Regional Council.

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