The VAVIT project is underway: Artificial vision in the wine sector

Submitted by Judith Marti on 25 September 2023


Masia Vallformosa, Juvé&Camp, Ais Vision, Innovi and Packaging Cluster immerse themselves in the VAVIT project

Companies and clusters analyzing the feasibility of installing artificial vision in wineries to improve the quality and safety of the wines produced.

The Vavit project is underway - Artificial vision in the wine sector - a collaboration between the wine and packaging sector companies, Masia Vallformosa, Juvé&Camp, Ais Vision with the coordination of Innovi and the Packaging Cluster, tries to find the way to the digitization of companies in the wine sector.

Digitization in industry is pursued for several reasons, among which are the search for an increase in efficiency, productivity, transparency, new business models and improved sustainability. In the case of VAVIT, digital solutions (artificial vision and machine learning) will be tested that will contribute to increasing productivity in the wine sector, while increasing quality and improving product safety. These two technologies, specifically that of machine learning, have a direct impact on the technological trend of artificial intelligence. This project is based as the main technological trend on artificial intelligence. During the development of the Vavit project, the value provided will be studied to respond to the needs and challenges: 1) Inspector of draft caps, to ensure the correct positioning to avoid unwanted spontaneous openings and product returns due to incorrect placement . 2) Loading dock: quantification of product outputs and inputs and distribution of the load to the trucks. 3) Inspector of volves/mothers: who ensures the release of wines without any impurity in the wines both for reasons of food safety and quality. 4) 360 inspection with deep learning of all the elements that make up a bottle of wine: label, DO stamp, capsule, etc. The progress of the project is based on integrated and optimized digital solutions that respond more efficiently to the demands of all the agents involved and finally to significantly scale the professionalization and digital leadership in the wine sector.

This project has been financed with the support of ACCIÓ

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