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AEC EUROCLUSTER published an open call on 30.4.2023 for SME applications in four schemes: Project innovation, Technology adoption, Training, and Go International. The deadline was on 30.6.2023 at 5 PM CET. 66 applications came on time in the first three categories. The call for Go International is still open for Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Kenya. The evaluation took place in summertime and finished on 30.8.2023 with a selection of winning SME beneficiaries. Funding contracts will be signed until 30.9.2023.
Project Innovation (PI)
• SME projects to develop a novel product, service, or technology on a proven concept that addresses a digitalization or sustainability challenge
• 45 applications received from 11 European countries
• 12 SMEs granted to implement innovative projects
• 27.7% granted SMEs from total applicants
• EUR 698,400 granted for PI projects implementation

List of granted PI projects
1. “Development of a green and bio-based building BLOCK made of MIScanthus, lime and other natural binder” (MISBLOCK) – Pedone Working S.r.l., Italy
2. “Q3D: AI Quality control and correction for 3D printing with recycled and natural materials” (Q3D) – IAAC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia), Spain
3. “Innovative Rare Earth Bricks, Blocks and panELs” (iREBBELs) – Eco Living Project SRL, Romania
4. “Real-time concrete curing data integration into BIM models” (CoSMoS-BIM) – Cosmos Engineering SL, Spain
5. “Wall dampness and wall drying IoT digital monitoring system” (MOXTECH) – Moxture d.o.o., Slovenia
6. “Robotically manufactured formwork made of recyclable clay for 3D concrete elements” (Robotic 3D Casting) – Hubfour Architecture ZT GmbH, Austria
7. “New sustainable material for green building” (ULIWOOD) – Innostart S.r.l, Italy
8. “Using AI to increase the accuracy of the bidding and estimating process by creating automatic cost books for construction operations” (AICB) – Exenne Technologies SRL, Romania
9. “Geo-Aware Augmented Reality in the BIM cycle” (GEOAR) – Vermessung DI Helmuth Thalmann, Austria
10. “Waste based alkali-activated paving stones” (WALK) – Termit d.o.o., Slovenia
11. “Arcology System: Data-driven, Modular Interior Construction System to Adapt Commercial Spaces” (Arcology System) – Arcology System Ltd, Ireland
12. “Digital Guiding Equipment for the Construction of Drilled Foundations” (DGE-CDF) – Saidel Engineering SA, Romania
Technology Adoption
• SME projects to advance and integrate existing technologies or processes into organizations and operations
• 16 applications from 8 European countries
• 5 SMEs granted to implement adoption ideas
• 31.25% granted SMEs from total applicants
• EUR 291,000 granted for TA projects implementation
List of granted TA projects
1. “Development of the BIM amplification system for autonomous management, budgeting, and stock control” (BIMas) – Woodea S.L, Spain
2. “Development of customized non-structural constructive solutions based on the application of eco-friendly mortars by using additive manufacturing for the generation of moulding elements” (Bio-EcoMOULDTAR) - 360 Soluciones Cambio Climático SLU, Spain
3. “Automation of Mortar Drone Spraying” (AUTO-MDS) – MuDD ARCHITECTS, Spain
4. “Thermal insulation material (thermal plaster) with nano-particle organic additives (SprayFix TP) – GRM INTRN d.o.o, Slovenia
5. “Upgrading processes with 3D scanning and Digital Twin model in company Rihter d.o.o.” (Rihter 3D and Digital Twin) – Rihter montažne gradnje d.o.o.., Slovenia
• Need for training services using innovation methods in order to become aware and create solutions – resilience and twin transition
• 6 applications from 5 European countries
• 4 SMEs granted to access training services
• 66.67% granted SMEs from total applicants
• EUR 20,000 granted for training projects implementation
List of granted Training projects

1. Heliloth eU, Austria
2. A-Star d.o.o., Slovenia
3. The Colony, Germany
4. Navvy GmbH, Austria

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