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Slovenski gradbeni grozd - GIZ / CCS

Slovenia: West Slovenia
Vladimir Gumilar
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About us

CONSTRUCTION CLUSTER OF SLOVENIA (SLOVENSKI GRADBENI GROZD, Acronym SGG) is an Economic Interest Grouping (not-for-profit) and an innovation cluster. The main goal of the cluster is to improve the domestic and international competitiveness of its members through commercial cooperation and networking, R&D and innovation, education, training, and policy action. The cluster was established in 2004. SGG is aimed at the broad scope of companies with a wider field of building and construction, especially for energy-efficient and sustainable construction and renovation of buildings, new materials, products and services, and business models - but also all the other organizations that are related to construction or to sustainable development of the built environment, green, and circular economy. SGG is a member of the European Construction Technology Platform and of the E2B association (Energy Efficient Buildings). 

CCS is aimed at the broad scope of companies (SMEs, entrepreneurs/start-ups, large companies, R&D organization)  in the field of buildings and infrastructure value chain, especially for energy-efficient, sustainable and circular construction and renovation of buildings, materials, products, and services - but also all the other organizations (education and training, investors and finances, regional and governmental public organizations) that are related to construction or development of the built environment: energy efficient, circular, and sustainable buildings and infrastructure, and cities.

The mission of the Construction Cluster of Slovenia is to lead the transformation of the construction sector to become innovative, competitive, and responsible in delivering circular and sustainable buildings and infrastructure, creating a build environment that is energy and resource-efficient, with less impact on the environment, with high value for users and society, and to become attractive for employment and careers.

The cluster mission has for strategic domains of implementation:

  1. Go innovative
  2. Go circular
  3. Go digital
  4. Go international

CCS`s mission will be implemented through cooperation, collaboration, and co-learning within our innovation cluster, by providing specialized and customized business support services, developing innovative solutions and sustainable competencies.

CCS provides or channels specialized and customized business support services to members, mainly SMEs, but also to other stakeholders in the construction value chain. CCS`s services support commercial cooperation and networking, R&D, transfer of technologies and innovation, training, international collaboration, and internationalization. We help our members to adopt new skills, technologies, solutions and innovate possible new business models to increase competitiveness in addressing the circular economy and other challenges of actual economic development and changes.

Our vision is to become a leader in the transition to circular construction,  a supercluster (according to Strategy tools definition:  https://www.strategytools.io/innovation-clusters/)  and cluster-of-change (http://clustersofchange.eu/) , strongly positioned in European and global clusters community, innovation ecosystems, and circular transition and being attractive for venture capital and other private funding for green and circular construction development.

This will reinforce our position in Slovenia to become recognized as a leader in the transition to circular construction and construction, with highly innovative cluster members:

  • capable of collaborative innovation and value chain cooperation,
  • leaders or strong contributors to the implementation of the circular economy principles in the construction and construction sector while contributing to the achievement of climate and sustainable development goals in Slovenia and beyond,
  • assuring social values and
  • being attractive for highly competent employees.

Slovenian construction cluster services:

  • Establishing active participation in the cluster: planning strategies and activities, building mutual trust, finding synergies and competencies, ensuring the dynamics of cooperation with research and development, education, and public organizations
  • Training and transfer of knowledge, development of innovation, and other competences
  • Workshops for the introduction of modern business practices, customer recognition, partners, technological trends, policies, training in the areas of innovation management, the development of business models, and the use of business modeling tools for various business processes.
  • Promoting innovation and business development: consulting and innovation coaching to support the development of innovation processes in the company, the renovation and design of new business models, the realization of breakthrough innovations, the achievement of new clients, integration into the operation and cluster activities, R & D projects and internationalization.
  • Information and promotion: news, current calls, opportunities for participation in R & D projects, establishing identity and maintaining visibility, active participation in social networks LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Networking with project partners, clusters, grape connections, and platforms, initiatives, through sectoral, cross-border, continuity of communication, maintaining contacts, including through social networks, establishing long-term connections in Slovenia and beyond, in the segment of development and innovation actors.
  • R & D and innovation projects: preparation and management of national and EU R & D projects and innovation projects, Membership, Networking and Partnering, Financing (EU, national resources), dissemination and exploitation of results.
  • Development of new and transformation of value chains, development and business cooperation, new business processes, and cross-sectoral cooperation.
  • Internationalization: networking and integration into cross-border development and business links and cooperation, entering new markets outside the EU, participation in international missions to foreign markets, establishing bilateral cooperation, establishing joint R & D and innovation activities and projects.

SGG's key infrastructure is a network (national, EU) of stakeholders from industry, research, and public sector and expertise in managing their collaboration and involvement in R&D and innovation. 


Established - 17 March 2004
Staff in the management team - 1-5

Cluster composition

  • 11
    Cluster Members
  • 10
  • 1
    Number of start-ups among SME's
  • 1
    Large Companies

Construction Cluster of Slovenia has been leading communication and dissemination activities in number of EU projects (Fp7/CIP/IEE) and have contributed to these activities in number of project proposals. See the SGG web page for details (www.sgg.si). 

Legal form of the cluster organisation
Registered Association
Languages spoken
English Slovene
Link to the team description on the cluster organisation website

Management team

Vladimir Gumilar, Construction cluster of Slovenia, cluster manager, supporting in transition to circular construction
Vladimir Gumilar
Cluster Manager
Andro Goblon

Sectorial and industrial focus

Sectoral industries
Construction:F41 Construction of buildings - Other service activities:S94 Activities of membership organisations
Sectoral Industries (NACE 4 digit)
Construction of buildings:F4120 Construction of residential and non-residential buildings - Activities of membership organisations:S9499 Activities of other membership organisations n.e.c.
Cross-sectoral industries
Environmental Industries
Industrial Alliances and Ecosystems
Alliances:Low carbon industries Ecosystems:Construction
Technology fields
E\: Fixed constructions:Construction of roads, railways, or bridges - E\: Fixed constructions:Building - Y\: General tagging of new technological developments:Technologies or applications for mitigation or adaptation against climate change - Y\: General tagging of new technological developments:Y04 - Information or communication technologies having an impact on other technology areas
S3 EU priority areas
Aeronautics & space:Bio fuels & energy efficiency - KETs:Advanced materials - Service innovation:New or improved organisational models - Sustainable innovation:Climate change - Sustainable innovation:Resource efficiency - Sustainable innovation:Sustainable energy & renewables

Key members

Profile name Location
CIRCON d.o.o.




360 Arhitekturni posnetki


E-NETSI d.o.o.



Support services provided

Support of Research, Development and Innovation
Other (please specify)

Further information

· Access to the European Internal market:  · Innovation Management / Support of innovation processes (internal, external):  · Support of knowledge transfer:  · Facilitation of cross-sectorial cooperation:  · Access to public support (regional/national programmes, innovation vouchers, etc.):   

Support training services for cluster managers/policy makers

Connecting to other organisations in the regional ecosystem

Upskilling and reskilling expertise

Internationalisation - Funding - EU project development

Support programmes

EU Programmes

European Programmes

Name & description

SGG has leaded dissemination and exploitation activities in a number of EU FP7 projects (MESSIB, OPENHOUSE, EE-HIGHRISE, NEWBEE) and participated in a number of EU FP7 RD projects for SMEs and SME Associations (SILENTWALL, STEELPROST, STOREPET). In 2014 SGG collaborates in two demonstration projects, EE-HIGHRISE and STEELPROST DEMO).   Within these activities SGG acquired a high level of awareness of the importance and aims of the dissemination and exploitation in Framework projects, and a broad expertise and practices in managing these tasks. In addition, with a professional background in construction, building sustainability, construction management and business management, SGG will contribute to all other R&D and demonstration work packages of the project. SGG was coordinator of the STOREPET FP7 project and of the EU COSME project ECCA, aiming to establish European Circular Construction Alliance. Currently SGG is involved in H2020 GELCLAD project, responsible for communication and dissemination, two ERASMUS+ projects in the field of green building skills development (GREB; PEGBS) and LIFE HEATLAND project dealing with overcoming Heat island effect in cities. In Autumn 2018 we will start with the COSME project CYBER SECURE LIGHT, focusing on using lighting fixtures to provide platform for gathering essential data from different sensors and IOT devices.

Project name

ECCA: European Circular Construction Alliance - adopting Circular Economy for internationalization and global competitiveness of European SMEs in Building and Construction — ECCA, COSME; 2014, project coordinator EE-HIGHRISE, Energy Efficient demo multiresidental high rise building, www.ee-highrise.eu, FP7, Work package leader NEWBEE, Novel Business model generator for Energy Efficiency in construction and retrofitting, www.newbee.eu , FP7,    Work package leader ICECLAY, Highly efficient production of ultra-lightweight clay-aerogel materials and their integrated composites for building insulation, http://iceclay-fp7.eu/ ,       FP7    Work package leader MESSIB, Multi-source Energy Storage System Integrated in Buildings, www.messib.eu, FP7, Work package leader OPEN HOUSE , Benchmarking and mainstreaming building sustainability in the EU based on transparency and openness (open source and availability) from model to implementation, www.openhouse-fp7.eu,     FP7    Work package leader STEELPROST ,  Innovative fire protective coatings for steel structures, http://www.steelconstruct.com/steelprost/  ,     FP7    SME association, partner STOREPET,  Development of PCM-based innovative insulating solutions for the Light-weight building sector, www.storepet-fp7.eu,      FP7,    Project coordinator STEELPROST 2, Demonstration of innovative fire protection coatings for steel structures, P7    SME association, partner BUILD UP Skills Slovenia, Building Skills for Sustainable Building in Slovenia, www.buildupskills.eu, IEE,     Work package leader BUILD YOUR ENGLISH:  Strengthening the linguistic skills of students, graduates from construction schools and construction workers through creating computer application enabling self-learning technical English language, http://buildyourenglish.eu/.  

Cooperation activities

International cooperation

Targeted countries


Transnational cooperation

Targeted countries


Transnational support activites

Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

International support activites

Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

Membership in cluster networks, meta clusters and national associations of clusters

Profile name Location Network type
European Construction Technology Platform

Upcoming events

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Latest news and documents

News Published: 06.07.2021
Interview in the frame of Evaluation Study & Potential Follow-up to Cluster Initiatives under COSME, H2020, and FPI, organized by Prognos AG
News Published: 02.06.2016
Slovenian clusters` vision of new cluster policy in Slovenia
News Published: 30.05.2016
Cluster matchmaking and learning visit to Katalonia

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