Research, innovation, smart materials for the plastic sector, and advanced solutions in Slovakia

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 12 November 2021

SPK, the Slovak Plastic Cluster specialising in research, innovation, smart materials, and recycling for the plastic sector, hosted the EXTRATEX Partnership ClusterXchange which provided an opportunity for virtual visits to strategic Slovak companies in this sector between February and March 2021. The virtual visits were then followed by B2B and C2C meetings.

Through this exchange, the participants (cluster organisations, SMEs, scaling-up support organizations, and EXTRATEX partners) improved their competences on biodegradable materials, innovation and recycling in the plastic sector, and biomaterials for the textile and automotive industries and additionally, they were able to expand their networks, by establishing new business cooperation opportunities and collaborations. The exchange was very important in solidifying partnerships for European projects.

Mr. Bruni , SPIN-PET Srl, notes that “SPIN-PET Srl appreciated the insights within the EXTRATEX exchange, in particular the showcasing of the activities of the laboratory directed by Dr. Martin Budzak (Svit- Research Institute of Chemical Fiber), for the preparation of compounds (in granules) to be subjected to spinning tests and POY production. More specifically, the device for obtaining non-woven fabric starting from granules of compound was of major interest. Thanks to this exchange, SPIN-PET srl has improved its partnerships for European projects.”  

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