Finnish sawmill does everything it can to minimise waste

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Energy Waste Materials Water
Manufacture of wood and paper products
Size of company:
Medium (less than 250)
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

Treating raw materials with respect

  • Family sawmill takes every measure possible to conserve, reuse and recycle materials 
  • Responsibility for the environment is important to the company 

Siparila Oy is a traditionally minded wood-processing family business in Finland, where responsibility forms an integral part of operations, from the production stage to recycling of materials. The company is continually developing new ways of utilising wood in construction and interior design. Wood is an excellent material for creating exciting surfaces, beautiful aesthetics and unique structures.

Siparila has ten year's history as a 'responsible' wood supplier specialising in quality surface finishing. It has factories in Vaajakoski, Parkano and Kajaani with net combined sales of around € 20 million. Annual wood processed is some 60 000 m3, which generates around 20 % in byproducts.

Surplus cuts are used but primarily the wood dust and other wooden residues are refined into pellets by a partner company situated near Siparila’s plant in Vaajakoski, which are then used in drying units nearby. Two of Siparila's factories use their wooden residues to heat the premises. Surplus painted boards are sold to local households for construction use.  

The company has invested in the recovery of solids from water used in washing. The water is then directed into a municipal wastewater treatment plant. Annual water use is light (around 400 m3). Other residue materials are recycled, and plastics are also sorted and sold.

Key benefits

  • Wooden residues are refined and used for heating, saving on oil and costs
  • Rationalised water usage saves on wastewater treatment costs
  • Sorting of plastics provides an income for the company
  • The family business respects its materials and the environment

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