Final CXC webinar on Best practices, lessons learnt and the next phase of ClusterXchange

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 15 November 2021

ClusterXchange (CXC) is a pilot scheme launched in 2020 that fosters internationalisation, transnational collaboration and networking among cluster organisations, hosted a webinar on 9 November 2021 on lessons learnt, good practices and success stories from the virtual and physical exchanges that were overseen by the 13 Excellence Partnerships.

The webinar also presented an opportunity to discuss the next steps of CXC and clarify questions raised by the Partnerships and CXC participants. The webinar was attended by representatives of several cluster partnerships such as BLUES, RECiPE4Mobility, SafeSmartFood, EXTRATEX, BRILLIANT, SMART4NZEB and SmartCTClusters, as well as the CXC Support Office and EISMEA & DG GROW.

Lessons learnt and success stories were shared by CXC participants Enrico Venturini, Petra and Gilberto Biliotti  from EXTRATEX, and Andrei Popescu, Katarzyna Korczak, and Primož Zorec from SMART4NZEB. The cluster EXTRATEX highlighted face to face interaction, the skills upgrade of participants, cross-sectoral cooperation, follow-up activities stemming from B2B meetings such as possible collaborations and commercial agreements and company visits as positive aspects of the  physical exchanges implemented under EXTRATEX. In terms of best practices, the Partnership shared insights into how to prepare for physical exchanges, how to follow up after virtual versus physical exchanges, and how to attract participants to participate in future physical exchanges.

The Excellence Partnerships, SMART4NZEB, shared success stories originating from their virtual exchanges related to presentation of opportunities for collaboration on new projects and other activities (e.g., Axelum, a collaboration with PSDiK), SMEs joining new clusters, technology transfer opportunities, and the possibility of participants accessing new markets.

In terms of lessons learnt, the cluster underscored the importance of the organisation of pre-exchange events and direct contact with participants due to the large number of online events currently being organised, striking a balance in terms of the number of topics addressed and addressing participants’ expectations in the agenda.

Finally, the cluster shared collective best practices related to virtual exchange engagement, active participation, follow-up activities, and practical vs long term results.

For more news about ClusterXchange, check the scheme’s web portal here and follow us on ECCP Twitter and LinkedIn pages!

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