European Alliance Against Coronavirus: EU initiatives and priorities in 2021

Submitted by Imogen Allan on 04 February 2021

Summary of the European Alliance Against Coronavirus weekly webinars (every Tuesday and Thursday) - 2 February 2021

In the European Alliance Against Coronavirus’s (EAAC) meeting on 2 February, Ulla Engelmann and Marek Przeor from the European Commission’s DG GROW updated the group on the current priorities of the European Commission and the relevant initiatives for the Cluster community in 2021.

They reaffirmed that the EAAC meetings are a place intended to help inspire, adjust and implement Cluster policies. The priority areas and important frameworks for 2021 include:

  • The Multiannual Financial Framework and Next Generation EU
  • The Expert Group
  • Operationalising the recommendations of the Expert Group
  • An alert function to signal challenges
  • Capacity building

This year there will also be a call for joint Cluster initiatives to focus on projects to improve collaboration among clusters in Europe.

Antonio Novo, president of the European Clusters Alliance (ECA), presented the work of the new EU Industrial Forum, a high-level expert group which gives advice on the implementation of the industrial strategy. As a member of the Forum, ECA will prepare a position paper to answer three leading questions on:

  • Lessons learned from the crisis
  • Implementation of the ecosystem approach to meet challenges
  • The biggest obstacles for building strategic capacities to master the green and digital transition

Morning sessions are open to everyone, and the next one will be dedicated to answering these questions.

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A recording of the session is available here.  

Find all the links to the morning sessions here, and upcoming topics can be found here.

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