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The Net-Zero Industry Act is an initiative stemming from the Green Deal Industrial Plan which aims to scale up the manufacturing of clean technologies in the EU. This means increasing the EU’s manufacturing capacity of technologies that support the clean energy transition and release extremely low, zero or negative greenhouse gas emissions when they operate. This Act will attract investments and create better conditions and market access for clean tech in the EU. The aim is that the Union's overall strategic net-zero technologies manufacturing capacity approaches or reaches at least 40% of annual deployment needs by 2030. The Act addresses technologies that will make a significant contribution to decarbonisation. It supports strategic net-zero technologies that are commercially available and have a good potential for rapid-scale up. Such technologies strengthen the EU’s industrial competitiveness and energy system's resilience while allowing the clean energy transition. Key technologies are solar photovoltaic and solar thermal, electrolysers and fuel cells, onshore wind and offshore renewables, sustainable biogas/biomethane, hydrogen, batteries and storage, carbon capture and storage, heat pumps and geothermal energy, and grid technologies.

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform, on behalf of the European Commission, organises the EU Clusters Talk “Net-Zero Industry Act: For clean tech manufactured in Europe” on 6 March, 8:30 – 9:45 CET, to share an update on the Net-Zero Industry Act and discuss cluster activities to enhance the manufacturing of clean tech in Europe.

Speakers will include: 

  • Daniel Gerber, Policy Officer, DG GROW, European Commission
  • Janusz Kahl, Managing Director, South Poland Cleantech Cluster
  • Laima Balčiūnė, Head of Cleantech Cluster Lithuania, CEO of Sunrise Tech Park
  • Massimo da Vià, Senior Policies and Funding Expert, Environment Park, POLO DI INNOVAZIONE – CLEVER

This event is part of regular online meetings brought to the cluster community by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform. They offer up-to-date insights into the latest industrial policies and clusters’ involvement, projects, and best practices, the latest ECCP news, and funding opportunities. The EU Clusters Talks are a space to exchange knowledge and to discuss cluster-relevant topics, which will change with every meeting.

Prior registration to this event is compulsory before 6 March 2024, 7:30 CET. This EU Clusters Talk is open to participants from the European Union and SMP/COSME countries. Approval for attending the session will be given individually.

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