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Clusters and companies are working towards gender equality in Europe, which can enhance SMEs’ innovation capacity, competitiveness, and profitability. Gender issues can occur in areas like recruitment, organisational culture and structure, or communication. Strategies and objectives to tackle them include challenging gender stereotypes, closing gender gaps in the labour market, achieving equal participation across different sectors of the economy, addressing the gender pay gaps, and achieving gender balance in decision-making processes.

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform, on behalf of the European Commission, organised the EU Clusters Talk “Gender equality for SMEs’ competitiveness and sustainability” on 10 January 2024, 8:30 – 9:45 CET, to discuss the state of gender equality in the industry, explore concrete examples of gender equality plans at cluster and policy level, and hear about their impact in the regional innovation ecosystem. 

Speakers included: 

  • Anders Olsson, Manager Research and Innovation, Region Värmland 
  • Lucia Seel, General Manager, Lucia Seel International Consulting 
  • Luis Goñi, Regional Strategy Director, Innovation Agency of Navarre SODENA
  • Vera Weiß, Project Manager, Green Building Cluster of Lower Austria

This event is part of regular online meetings brought to the cluster community by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform. They offer up-to-date insights into the latest industrial policies and clusters’ involvement, projects, and best practices, the latest ECCP news, and funding opportunities. The EU Clusters Talks are a space to exchange knowledge and to discuss cluster-relevant topics, which will change with every meeting.


Please find below the summary and the slides of this EU Clusters Talk which includes the key takeaways from the session.

Watch the full recording of the webinar:

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