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Medium cost
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Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

Energy fitness check-up with a twist…

  • Think Fit health club shaved 70 % off its energy bill
  • More thought was put into materials choice (sustainability and health)
  • Management wanted a win-win for the environment and operating costs

Think Fit in the UK undertook an ambitious programme to improve its energy health score and turn round its approach to the environment and member comfort and health.

Fitness clubs are heavy users of water and electricity. But some simple refits like low-water plumbing fixtures and motion sensors, as well as smarter choices of materials used around the club created a win-win for the environment and Think Fit’s bottom line.

The main areas for improvement were seen in energy efficiency, lighting design, and water efficiency. Some measures investigated include better insulation, requiring much less energy to heat and cool the premises, and window placement with overhangs to prevent heat gain during the warmer months of the year.

More efficient lighting (LEDs or fluorescents) is another measure to save on energy, costs and maintenance. Occupancy motion sensors, daylight sensors and shut-off control systems were also identified to help cut energy costs even more.

The best water-saving fixtures reduce water usage by 30 % with no reduction in volume and pressure. Reducing water usage like this, Think Fit also saved energy used to (re)heat the water.

Key results

The health club shaved up to 70 % off its energy bill by implementing some straightforward heating and lightning measures:

  • The gym installed a new boiler, energy sensors and energy-efficient LED lighting which has brightened up the gym and cut yearly lighting costs by some £ 3 300 (~€ 3 400).
  • New aerating shower heads and percussion taps were fitted which have shaved £ 700 (~€ 800) off the gym’s water bill.
  • Paper towels have been replaced by hand driers, which have cut the gym’s waste and will pay for themselves in two years. 

Resource Efficient, Health club saves over £12 000 a year through resource efficiency changes, http://www.resourceefficientscotland.com/sites/default/files/Case%20stu…

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