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From April, secpho will have its virtual twin: secpholand. A cloud-based platform where you can attend online events, easily connect with other deep tech specialists, access business and funding opportunities, and keep up to date with innovation in the sector.

secpholand is an innovative and powerful business platform that recreates a virtual environment where you can search for contacts, arrange private meetings with other users, as well as attend virtual events such as trade fairs or exclusive showrooms. In this new social network aimed at the deep tech community, you will be able to have private voice conversations or join chats with other people.

Discover a new way of networking, while broadening your radar of opportunities and can connect with a whole ecosystem. Welcome to the deep tech revolution. Welcome to secpholand.

On 19 April, discover all the details!

Watch the secpholand teaser here:

*This event will be held in Spanish.

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