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About us


secpho's mission is to address the technological challenges of our society by providing cutting-edge solutions based on Deep Tech, in a collaborative way; while promoting and contributing to the competitiveness of our partners, connecting their high level of research and entrepreneurial talent with the market and capital.


We believe in a world where all those people who are passionate about deep tech collaborate and connect their ideas to drive a new technological revolution that is people-centred and leads to improving the lives of all, leaving no-one behind.

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    Formalised strategy
    Strategy focus on internationalisation

    Cluster composition

    • 153
      Cluster Members
    • 86
    • 37
      Large Companies
    • 27
      Research Organisations, Universities, Technology Centers
    • 3
      Other Ecosystem Actors


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    Management team

    Sergio Sáez
    Cluster Manager
    Gawel Walczak
    Internationalisation Responsible
    Sabine Runge
    ECCP Responsible Person

    Sectorial and industrial focus

    Sectoral Industries
    Manufacturing:C28 Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c. - Professional, scientific and technical activities:M72 Scientific research and development - Professional, scientific and technical activities:M74 Other professional, scientific and technical activities
    Technology fields
    G\: Physics:Information and communication technology [ICT] specially adapted for specific application fields - Y\: General tagging of new technological developments:Technologies or applications for mitigation or adaptation against climate change - Y\: General tagging of new technological developments:Y04 - Information or communication technologies having an impact on other technology areas
    S3 EU priority areas
    Aeronautics & space:Aeronautics - Aeronautics & space:Bio fuels & energy efficiency - Aeronautics & space:Safety & security - Aeronautics & space:Space - Blue growth:Aquaculture - Blue growth:Blue renewable energy - Blue growth:Marine biotechnology - Digital transformation:Advanced or High performance computing - Digital transformation:Artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, augmented and virtual reality, visualisation, simulation, gamification & interaction technologies - Digital transformation:Broadband, spectrum and other communication networks (e.g. 5G) - Digital transformation:Cleaner environment & efficient energy networks and low energy computing - Digital transformation:Digitising Industry (Industry 4.0, smart and additive manufacturing) - Digital transformation:e-Health (e.g. healthy ageing) - Digital transformation:ICT trust, cyber security & network security - Digital transformation:Intelligent inter-modal & sustainable urban areas (e.g. smart cities) - Digital transformation:Internet of Things (e.g. connected devices, sensors and actuators networks) - Digital transformation:Quantum computing - Digital transformation:Robotics, autonomous and cyber physical systems (e.g. vehicles, embedded systems) - Digital transformation:Smart system integration - KETs:Advanced manufacturing systems - KETs:Advanced materials - KETs:Industrial biotechnology - KETs:Micro/Nano-electronics - KETs:Nanotechnology - KETs:Photonics - Public health & security:Food security & safety - Public health & security:Public health & well-being - Public health & security:Public safety & pandemics - Sustainable innovation:Climate change - Sustainable innovation:High-speed rail-road transportation systems - Sustainable innovation:Resource efficiency - Sustainable innovation:Smart green & integrated transport systems - Sustainable innovation:Sustainable agriculture - Sustainable innovation:Sustainable energy & renewables - Sustainable innovation:Sustainable land & water use - Sustainable innovation:Sustainable production & consumption - Sustainable innovation:Waste management
    Cross-sectoral industries
    Experience Industries

    Key members

    Profile name Location
    Open Innovation Club by secpho



    Support services provided

    Access to the European Internal Market
    Internationalisation Support (access to third countries markets)
    Access to finance: Public funding
    Access to finance: Private funding
    Facilitation of external collaboration (beyond cluster) such as matchmaking

    Further information



    • Presentation to an extensive network of contacts
    • Incorporation of technology experts into the catalogue
    • Publication of articles and advertisements in our technological
    • magazine light!
    • Extensive web dissemination, newsletters and social networks
    • Publication of press releases and dissemination to 5000
    • contacts.
    • Publication of job offers and dissemination to more than 25,000 international contacts.

    Industry Connection

    • More than 100 entities that make up our ecosystem
    • Innovation Workshops , dedicated to opening doors to our partners in all sectors of the economy.
    • We generate a large number of collaborations and research and innovation projects.
    • Exclusive access to large companies through our Open Innovation Club by secpho (integrating executives from over 20 large companies) - The objective is to foster collaborative innovation between these large companies and the leading experts in photonic technologies. It is a forum that promotes the competitiveness of its members, generating concrete opportunities for collaboration around the integration of the latest technologies, and furthermore adding value to the participating companies.

    Digital Innovation Hub

    • Gateway to 25 annual industry challenges
    • We help companies to define the requirements and we transfer them to our members providing new business opportunities.
    • We accompany the whole process through working groups that end in funded projects.
    • How do we do it? Find out more here

    International Connection

    • Access to a platform with a large number of contacts in the 5 continents with other clusters, innovation agencies and R&D centres
    • Ease of incorporating our partners in European proposals.
    • Search for partners for projects in and outside of Europe through our extensive network of contacts.
    • Supporting in search of EU funding opportunities, establishing consortia and writing proposals (two out of five currently delivered projects by secpho are implemented in collaboration with at least one of our members)
    • Organization of cluster missions and events in third countries.
    • Organizing stands during international trade shows.
    • Currently implementing an internationalization strategy for our members through a programme of international collaboration with countries from North Africa, Middle East or South America, in the search for funding opportunities and matchmaking for our members.
    • Objective to obtain opportunities for collaboration, both in the scientific as well as the business field, focusing for example on the industrial digitalization.

    Support training services for cluster managers/policy makers

    Facilitation of collaboration between members (eg. joint training programs) - Facilitation of cross-sectorial cooperation (reskilling staff from other sectors)

    Support programmes

    EU Programmes

    European Programmes
    FP7 H2020 CIP/COSME Other

    Name & description

    Project name

    secpho has been working in European projects for a long time. Since 2013 we have collaborated in up to 12 consortiums, some of them being so much strong that became awarded with more funding. We are currenty participating in five European projects from H2020, COSME and INNOSUP programs. In two of them, DeepTech4Good and EPRISE, we are consolidating a strong partnership that started in RESPICE SME and OASIS.

    Our current European projects are:

    Cooperation activities

    International cooperation

    Targeted countries


    Transnational cooperation

    Targeted countries


    Transnational support activites

    Support to collaborative activities/etc.

    International support activites

    Participation at missions/events/study visits/fairs

    Further information

    We have developed our own methodology for cross-sectoral collaboration to foster innovation in key European industries on regional, national and international level.

    Due to our participation in European projects and collaboration with other European clusters, we have initiated internationalization services for our members by:

    • providing support in participation in matchmaking events (logistics, profiling of partners/clients, pre-arranged b2b meetings with relevant counterparts)
    • connecting SMEs with relevant partners for innovative collaboration projects (business oriented and/or based on EU funding)
    • organising stands during international trade shows
    • supporting in search of EU funding opportunities
    • establishing consortia and writing proposals (two out of five currently delivered projects by secpho are implemented in collaboration with at least one of its members)

    In addition, we have also developed a methodology for follow up coaching of SMEs which receive support from EU funded projects, being responsible for organisation and supervision of international matchmaking events for deep tech SMEs in several European countries.

    We are currently implementing an internationalization strategy for our members through a programme of international collaboration with countries from North Africa, Middle East or South America, in the search for funding opportunities and matchmaking for our members.

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