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Energy Carbon
Manufacture of food, beverages and tobacco Cross-cutting
Investment cost:
Medium cost
Payback time:
The exact payback time is 5 months
Medium cost
Co2 emission reduction:
1.1 tonnes per year
Advancement in applying resource efficiency measures:

Energy savings in the can...

  • SME tweaks thermostat and saves 21 500 kWh annually
  • Financial gains of € 4 000 per year
  • Annual carbon footprint down by 1.1 tonnes of CO2

Maison Prosain has been producing biological canned fruits and vegetables for almost half a century. It is located in Bages, France and employs 45 people.

Respect for the environment is very much part of the brand and its products, so the company wanted to look into further measures to curb its carbon footprint and become more energy efficient. An energy audit revealed unnecessary heating at nights and on weekends in some areas. The company decided to set up a programming system to regulate temperature according to the site’s needs.

Key results

The measure was very simple to put in place and reduced energy consumption by around 21 500 kWh annually, while saving the company altogether around € 4 000 a year. It also inspired Maison Prosain to think about further energy-saving initiatives, which are already on their way.

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