The Kids Clutser and the Packaging Cluster celebrate the kids/packaging intercluster day, promoting sustainability

Submitted by Judith Marti on 30 May 2023

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On May 25, the kids/packaging intercluster day took place, coordinated by the Kid's Cluster and the Packaging Cluster, with the collaboration of Elisava Faculty of Design and Engineering of Barcelona.

The aim of the day, developed by Elisava's Barcelona Faculty of Design and Engineering, and which had the participation of more than 20 companies from both clusters, was to learn about and work on the challenges faced by companies in the children's sector in the field of packaging, such as the new plastic law that came into force this year, to provide sustainable alternatives for the packaging and packaging industry. The session was opened by Anna López, Clúster Manager of Kid's Cluster, who presented the day and introduced the members through a group dynamic. The session continued with the presentation of the children's packaging innovation projects, by Marta González, Head of Studies of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering at the Barcelona Faculty of Design and Engineering. On behalf of the Packaging Cluster, Mercè Gorina Pradas, Sustainability Manager of the entity, presented the new packaging trends 2023 and the best practices applied to the kids sector. The challenges of the Kid's Cluster member organizations and the existing funding lines to finance projects that respond to the needs identified by Anna López, Clúster Manager of the Kid's Cluster, were raised. During the work session around the challenges posed by the companies in the kids and packaging sector, several topics of debate emerged such as possible solutions to minimize the impact, as well as the use of renewable and recyclable materials instead of plastics single use, promoting eco-design to promote the circular economy, and waste management, which promotes reduction, reuse and recycling as key strategies to promote the sustainability of packaging. The session was a great success, as several synergies were generated between the partners of both clusters that may lead to future collaborations to promote more sustainable packaging in the children's sector. Jovi, Educa Borras, Sentinel, Staedtler, Lekkid, Magicbox, Cinesa, Kids&Us English SL, Jumbo Diset, Top Toys, Agencia de Residus de Catalunya, Dribia, Inèdit. Lucid, Eurecat, Capsa, Alzamora, Inkapalet, Lecta, Grafopack, Ds Smith and Pacto Zero. The clusters act as a hub and as a collaborative environment to facilitate cooperation between companies, research centers, legislators and other institutions that promote sustainability and provide SMEs with access to new skills, resources and markets.

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