Fact-Finding mission in Jiangsu region

Submitted by Maude PERIER-CAMBY on 03 December 2019

The mission took place from 6th to 13th September 2019. The final objective of this mission was to sign a collaboration agreement between SPACE2IDGO project and Jiangsu Association of Science and Technology (CAST).

During the mission, three meetings were held in the city of Nanjing, at the offices of the Jiangsu CAST, with the objective of signing the agreement that will facilitate a sustained cooperation.

The agreement establishes the basis for future collaborations between both parties in the field of aerospace industries.

With the focus on improving relations between both countries, in the framework of the SPACE2IDGO project, this agreement looks forward to connecting enterprises for joint business activities, as well as professional and educational events such as congresses, or professional training courses, and the conjunct publishing of academic papers and research, starting with the SPACE2IDGO SME Mission to China, that will be organised in collaboration with the agreement’s signatory in China as the first key activity made possible thanks to this agreement.

The results of this first exploration and contact have been very positive, and both parties are looking forward for newer and deeper collaborations in the industry.

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