CLAMTEX S3 cross-regional roundtable

Submitted by Josep Casamada on 26 October 2020

The European Cluster Strategic Partnership for Excellence CLAMTEX - Cluster management towards excellence in Advanced Manufacturing and Textile Industry, held a round-table discussion with the representatives of regional authorities from the five regions involved (Pays de la Loire (FR), Centro (PT), Norte (PT), Catalonia (ES), Valencia (ES)) and the managers of the 5 clusters of the partnership.

The objective of this project is to boost the clusters' innovation ecosystem to promote the digitalisation in both sectors fostering the cross-sectoral and cross-border collaboration. The achievement of CLAMTEX goals foresees the alignment of the clusters strategies with their corresponding regional Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3). During the session, each regional authority presented the ongoing RIS3 (2014-2020) experience as well as the status on the revision for the next period (2021-2027). During the open debate, the hot topic was the role of the clusters as key enabling entities for the definition and implementation of S3 Regional strategies. Clusters are excellent ecosystems to promote and accelerate cross-regional and cross-sectoral initiatives, and they represent an important tool for economic development, to seed innovation and competitiveness.

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