TRACE-KEI 5th News release: Value Chain Analysis

The 5th TRACE-KEI - TRAns-national Collaboration Empowering Key European Industries News release was issued. All TRACE-KEI clusters performed value chain analysis in the three relevant sectors – Agro-food, ICT and Energy. The main goal of the this task was to provide clusters’ managers with global...

Expression of interests for subcontractor launched by the EU COSME Project TRACE-KEI

DARe, as coordinator of Trace-Kei project (Transnational Cooperation Empowering Key European Industries), seeks submissions from suitably qualified trainers for the provision of a classroom based training course in Cluster Excellence Management. This is an open procedure regarding the training of...

Three Bronze Labels for non-benchmarked clusters in TRACE-KEI

The three not yet labelled clusters in TRACE-KEI: Madan Parque, Cluster for Energy Efficiency and Green Synergy Cluster, performed the benchmarking assessment in the framework of ESCA labels for cluster excellence and were awarded with Bronze label. The benchmarking interviews were done in February...