Questionnaire on collaboration networks of KETs technology centres

Are you interested in European networks of Technology Centres in the field of Key Enabling Technologies? Make your voice heard by answering to the questionnaire on this. Please invite technology centres and other experts to answer too. IDEA Consult is doing a study for the Commission based on the...

The European Commission has launched a Public Consultation for Start-ups in Europe

From the 31st of March to the 31st of July 2016 the European Commission collects entrepreneurs, start-uppers and stakeholders' opinions on how to improve the start-up ecosystem in Europe through a public consultation. The ‘Start-ups in Europe' questionnaire includes queries related to the three...

Stakeholder's Consultation on the European Data-driven Economy

Stakeholder's Consultation on the European Data-driven Economy DG CONNECT, Unit G3 "Data Value Chain" would like to get input to their stakeholder consultation that will contribute to the definition of future initiatives for the data-driven economy. As part of this targeted consultation by DG...