The Catalan Water Partnerhip organizes an Intercluster cooperation with the network of Colombian clusters and participation in the 62nd ACODAL congress

The Catalan Water Partnership (CWP) organized a mission in Colombia between May 27 and 30, aimed to promote cooperation with different clusters in Colombia through the Red Cluster (Colombian Cluster Network), the Colombian Private Council on Competitiveness (Consejo Privado de Competitividad), and...

Stretching the collaboration between the Catalan Water Partnership and the cluster Water Council from USA

The Water Council (Milwaukee, USA) and the CWP (Catalonia, Spain) signed an MOU agreement at WEFTEC last year. Since then, they have welcomed two cluster-associated companies from CWP: SIGMA DAf and CondorChem Envitech, as overseas members of The Water Council. Recently Beverly Ferrara, representing...