Annie Renders

Annie Renders

Head of unit ‘Cluster policy’

Annie Renders is head of the Cluster Policy unit at Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship, which is part of the Flemish Government.

In 2000, Annie joined the Flemish Agency for Innovation, which is integrated in Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship since 2016. She has been involved in the coordination of the regional innovation eco-system, in the monitoring of innovation policy in Flanders and more recently in the development of the Flemish Cluster policy. She represents Flanders in the European Cluster Policy Forum as well as in the European Cluster Excellence Initiative.

Annie studied Chemistry at the University of Leuven, and obtained a Ph.D in 1990. Up to 2000, she worked at Solvay S.A. where she was Application Development Manager for the ‘Hydrogen Peroxide’ business unit.

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