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Major benefits for the PIMAP Business missions to North America!

The missions developed and the conclusions on its contribution towards PIMAP objectives, provided grounds of evidence of their relevance in:

  • Supporting market intelligence actions and exploration of opportunities and synergies, for both clusters and their SMEs, e.g. as clearly results from the mission to the US by the occasion of the Photonics West fair;
  • The establishment of contacts with key stakeholders towards the deployment of future actions, e.g. as it occurred with New York Photonics and the organization of a back-to-back mission to the neighbour state of New York, USA, in articulation with the EU-Canada cluster matchmaking, held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada;
  • Fostering the signature of memorandum of understanding with 3rd country organizations providing means for effective collaborations between the ecosystems’ stakeholders and the launch of joint initiatives (with US and Canadian clusters), and notably the ones signed during the Munich’s Laser World of Photonics, held from the 24th till the 27th June, with Arizona Technology Council Optics Valley (US)  and OPTONIQUE (Canada);
  • Supporting awareness and establishment of contacts between ecosystems’ entities and SMEs;
  • Leveraging visibility of the clusters’ initiatives and stakeholders;
  • The identification of local stakeholders that would be key partners for deploying support services, e.g. soft-landing services, organization of business missions, etc.


The PIMAP Partnership is looking forward to strengthening its cooperation activities with American and Canadian partners!