EIT’s 2018 Call for Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) Proposals

DEADLINE: 12 July 2018

      The European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) launched a competition for new Innovation Communities in the areas of urban                mobility (EIT Urban Mobility) and added value   manufacturing (EIT Manufacturing). 

The competition is open until July 2018 and the winning partnerships will be announced in December 2018. The proposals should be submitted by partners from business, higher education and research institutions to tackle societal challenges by developing innovative products and services.

The EIT is an integral part of the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020 for the period 2014-2020) which brings together all existing Union research and innovation initiatives. In order to promote cross-fertilisation, the EIT and its KICs exploit synergies and complementarities with existing European and other relevant policies and programmes.

The EIT’s contribution to the KIC’s expenditure will not exceed 25% of its overall budget. The remaining 75% should be financed from other non-EIT sources of financing (e.g. mainly partners’ own resources and other sources including national/regional funding, EU funds, etc.). The financing modalities are defined in accordance with the EIT Principles for financing, monitoring and evaluating KIC activities and the EIT Financial Regulation.

The EIT may award a grant of up to EUR 4 million to cover activities for Legal readiness, Operational readiness and fostering EIT Identity and other initial KIC activities to each of the two designated partnerships in order to support the efficient setting up of the two KICs.

An overview of the preparation and submission of a KIC proposal - further information, including guidance for applicants on how to submit proposals, is available here through the KICs Call page of the EIT website.  or directly through the Participant Portal .

The electronic proposal submission system opens on 16 January 2018 on the KICs Call page of the EIT website. Only proposals submitted through the electronic proposal submission system will be accepted.

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