TCI Mentoring Program launches a new round - become a mentee now!

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 12 February 2017

The TCI Mentoring Program seeks to match experienced cluster practitioners within the TCI Network, our mentors, with cluster newcomers and talents in an early stage of their careers, the mentees, also TCI members.

The start of the TCI Cluster Mentoring Program 2016 was a big success. 7 mentees from Europe, Latin America, Australia and Russia attended the program. We increased our pool of mentors up to 19 mentors from 14 different countries. 

Now the application for the next round is open. If you are looking for reflection of your situation and exchange of ideas and cases with experienced cluster practitioners, apply now. On a regular monthly basis and through online dialogue, mentors will offer support to mentees looking for guidance in their learning journey to become more professional. 

Here are some areas of knowledge and competences for successful cluster practitioners that could be developed through the TCI Mentoring Program:

Cluster Strategy & Organization Skills

Cluster Collaboration & Leadership

Cluster Entrepreneurship, Start-up & Scale-up



Please find more information on the programme as well as how to apply here.

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