Startup Terrace Subsidy Programs

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 07 September 2018

Startup Terrace is the newest international startup campus in Taiwan and surrounded by hi-tech industrial development zones. Here startup teams can find a complete supply chain of IoT industry and grow their business in the world-leading technology and innovation area. Launched by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration ("SMEA") , the programmes are aimed at:

- encouraging international and domestic accelerators to establish a presence at Startup Terrace for the purpose of providing guidance to and facilitating investments in promising startups as well as to foster a certain level of collaboration with enterprises in Taiwan, as well as 

- encouraging international and domestic talent development organizations to establish a presence at Startup Terrace to facilitate connections between training and development institutions which focus on talent development, startup investment, and guidance and consulting services at the global level and motivate training and development institutions to establish locations in Taiwan or collaborate with enterprises in Taiwan to a certain extent so as to help domestic and foreign incubation teams develop professional capabilities in innovative new technologies and market development and enable startups in Taipei area to develop on a more international scale.

The programs are specially designed for International accelerators and startup teams and provides the highest subsidies US$1 million or the greatest award USD$60,000. 

The selected teams also get chances to set up their company / subsidiary in Startup Terrace Taiwan and receive various opportunities for collaboration.

For further details about Startup Terrace, please visit the event site or contact //hello [at]">hello [at] Attached you will also find the application guides for the subsidy programmes.

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