The revival of Algeria's industrialization through the creation of competitiveness clusters

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 17 February 2020

This article, authored by Brahim Lakhlef and published in the El Watan newspaper, has the merit of informing a large audience about the new reconfiguration of the Algerian economic model, by putting into perspective the role of clusters.

Their development implies a new form of governance based on the interaction and the search for consensus between local institutions and economic actors with a view to promoting effective participation, through carrying out collaborative actions. 

Bringing together the economic actors in a system of cooperation and intersectoral coordination with other actors, through interclustering and the collaborative platform, encouraged by the public authorities, including the provision for "Algeria clusters" of headquarters at the level of the business incubator in Algiers, would provide solutions and initiate an economic dynamic, particularly in the direction of start-ups.

The news was posted online by THE-NEXT-SOCIETY-i-Community in its Synthèse du jour 10/02/2020

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