NGI_TRUST Open Calls

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 28 January 2019

This call is particularily interesting for the members of IoT related clusters.   The summary of the NGI_TRUST Open Calls consists of:
  • Technical innovation in privacy enhancing technologies, such as crypto, federated identity, security and privacy for Internet of Things (IoT), distributed ledgers and privacy-enhancing data transports and data at rest.
  • Ethical aspects, such as ways to use AI/ML/neural networks to serve the user’s interests, legal and best practices for policy makers to consider, impact of profiling and mass surveillance
  • Bootstrapping trust at the protocol level, to maintain a decentralized Internet Infrastructure, for the establishment of trust, privacy (and security) between end-users and services
  • Ways for users to make more informed decisions on the relevance of information that they are asked to disclose when accessing services

The calls aim to engage a variety of players (newcomers to H2020 are encouraged!) and  explore pre-selected privacy & trust enhancing topics (defined with support an advisory board) critical to building a human centric Internet. 

  1. 1st call (opens February 2019) will seek to attract a broad mix of projects including a larger number of early-stage ‘feasibility’ studies.
  2. 2nd call (opens February 2020) will aim to build on 1st phase projects (larger second round funded projects following on from smaller pilot/feasibility projects) but also attract additional players with scalable projects

There are three types of third-party projects that will be awarded funding:

  • Phase 1 (viability) : up to € 100K from NGI_Trust – no matching funds required;
  • Phase 2 (execution) : up to € 200K from NGI_Trust -> matching funds up to € 100K (2/3 – 1/3 model);
  • Phase 3 (transition to commercialization) : up to € 200K in NGI_Trust core funding -> equivalent in matching funds (50/50).

Maximum award to any single third-party will be €200,000. Duration of third-party projects: from 9 to 12 months (some flexibility). All projects will receive additional support in the form of technical coaching, business mentoring and IP advice from the project partners and other NGI projects.

More information is made available here:
  • EFIS Centre –
  • Project coordinator Mr Alasdair Reid – reid [at]
  • NgiTrust twitter account – @NgiTrust

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, launched by the European Commission in the autumn of 2016, aims to shape the future internet as an interoperable platform ecosystem that embodies the values that Europe holds dear: openness, inclusivity, transparency, privacy, cooperation, and protection of data. The NGI will drive this technological revolution and ensure the progressive adoption of advanced concepts and methodologies spanning the domains of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, interactive technologies and more, while contributing to making the future internet more human-centric.

This ambitious vision requires the involvement of the best Internet researchers and innovators to address technological opportunities arising from cross-links and advances in research fields ranging from network infrastructures to platforms, and application domains to social innovation.

The news was published on NGI website here.

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