Matchmaking sessions at Pollutech Fair Sao Paulo

Submitted by Camille DURAN on 17 March 2016

EU enterprises are invited to join the business matchmaking sections to be held during the Pollutech fair in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on the 13-14th of April 2016. 

This initiative is launched by the National Confederation of Industry - CNI of Brazil, through its International Business Center-Brazilian Network, in partnership with Apex-Brasil and with the support of the Europe Enterprise Network and the EU Low Carbon Business Action in Brazil.

In its first edition, the event will offer business contacts to industries and companies looking for potential partners in Brazil and other countries in order to ensure sustainable business development and growth.

Registration and application for the MM are open until the 11th of April through the following link

Target sectors: Water - Sewage Waste Management - Recycling Energy - Biomass - Waste to Energy - Energy Efficiency Carbon Management  

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