LIFE 2017 call for project proposals – A new opportunity for green jobs and growth

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 13 March 2017

The call for proposals will be launched on 28 April, with deadlines in September 2017. 

The LIFE (the Financial Instrument for the Environment and Climate Action) Regulation, which was published on 20 December 2013, sets a budget for the funding period 2014–2020 of €3.4 billion in current prices.

In 2017, there is more than €390 million available in funding, in particular, for:

  • Environmental technologies and solutions (including close-to-market)
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation measures,
  • Nature conservation and biodiversity projects, and
  • Climate and environmental governance and information initiatives.

Please find below an indicative timetable for the call:

Project type Subprogramme/ priority objective Deadline
Traditional projects Climate Action ( LIFE Climate Change Mitigation; LIFE Climate Change Adaptation; LIFE Climate Governance and Information) 07-Sep-17
Environment (ENV - Environment and Resource Efficiency) 12-Sep-17
Environment (NAT - Nature and Biodiversity) 14-Sep-17
Environment (GIE - Environmental Governance and Information) 14-Sep-17
Preparatory Projects Environment 20-Sep-17
Integrated Projects first phase Environment; Climate Action 26-Sep-17
Integrated Projects second phase Environment; Climate Action Mid-March 18
Technical Assistance Projects Environment; Climate Action 07-Sep-17

For more information and updates on the call please visit LIFE Programe website.

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