EnVision: the French Mini-Entreprise® champion of the European Enterprise Challenge

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 29 May 2020

The 2019-2020 class of the Master’s degree in Management of Clusters and Regional Networks at the University of Strasbourg are now headed to the European phase of the competition that is going to take place on June 24th.

On May 28th, five students of the Master’s degree in Management of Clusters and Regional Networks at the ITIRI Institute (University of Strasbourg, France) have won the French national selection of the European Enterprise Challenge: they will represent France at the European phase of the tournament.

For the academic year 2019-2020, Alain Tubiana, head of the Master’s degree, decided to integrate the Mini-Entreprise® programme into the master’s curriculum, going into partnership with Entreprendre Pour Apprendre Grand Est.

EPA (the French division of Junior Achievement) is an association that accompanies middle, high school and university students in entrepreneurial projects, helping them to develop managerial and decision-making skills.

In September 2019, Cara Schwark, Giuseppe Tarantino, Mirko Payet, Pauline Lacherade and Romane Verbeke had just started their Master’s degree and a few weeks after they were already diving into this new entrepreneurial challenge with just few fresh managerial knowledge at their disposal. Nine months later, they are celebrating their win in the National phase of the European Enterprise Challenge.

This was possible exclusively thanks to the solid and pragmatic education they received over the last months and to the wonderful synergy they created alongside their project development.

What is EnVision?

We at EnVision facilitate entrepreneurs’ ecological commitment by creating and animating a local network of innovative and resilient companies.

This is the catchphrase that the team usually use for their pitch openings and it perfectly summarises their philosophy and their value proposition. The five co-founders of this horizontally organised company address their services to entrepreneurs that would like to give a green and sustainable turn to their business approach. EnVision plans to organise awareness-raising and matchmaking events in collaboration with local associations to introduce entrepreneurs to sustainable practices (like food waste recycling, green mobility and responsible energy consumption). Just once EnVision have become a reliable and well-known player in the region, the company will be able to move to the next step: provide tailor-made consulting services.

EnVision’s ultimate goal is to create a sustainable network of public and private local players and to enliven it by promoting collaborations and joint actions. This local eco-system will represent an innovative and stimulating advantage to its members, their business revenues and to the local area itself.

It is evident that the notion of cluster is at the heart of the project, which shows the great contribution and effectiveness of the Master in Management of Clusters and Regional Networks and the excellent work the ITIRI Institute does for their students.

If you want to find out more about EnVision, do not hesitate to visit their website: https://team-envision.com/  

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