BOND: The Spanish Cluster Label of Excellence will be launched in Madrid on 22 May

Submitted by Alina Danieles… on 09 May 2018

The Directorate General for Industry and SME invites all stakeholders who are interested in the presentation of BOND, the new label for Cluster Excellence in Spain.

AEI (Agrupación Empresarial Innovadora in Spanish / Innovative Corporate Association) is the program of the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness which aims to recognize those clusters that fulfil certain criteria of excellence.

This program was launched in 2007 and it consisted of three phases:

  • First phase: Implementation from 2007-2009
  • Second phase: Consolidation from 2010-2013
  • Third phase: strengthening and focusing on excellence from 2014 - 2019

Within this program, the Ministry aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To increase the R&D towards the market
  • To promote projects that allow the collaboration of industrial companies of different sizes, especially SME, to accelerate their innovation and internationalization
  • To accelerate the creation of an innovative ecosystem distributed in our country
  • To increase the size of our SMEs trough their collaboration and innovation processes.

Nowadays, the Ministry is pursuing the goal to strengthen Cluster Excellence and their corporate. This explains the creation of the BOND Spain Cluster label.

The BOND label will be introduced at this event together with other actions, mainly, the launch of an interactive on-line map that allows everyone to find the registered AEI clusters and and to learn more in detail about their projects, their industrial competences and services, their digital performance, as well as more information about their members and associates.

The event is by invitation only, but interested participants should contact in this regard the organizers at aei [at]


09:45 – 10:00   Reception and registration

10:00 – 10:15   Presentation and launch of the Label BOND SPAIN Cluster: the recognition of the collaborative excellence: Begoña Cristeto, Secretary General of Industry and SMEs

10:15 – 10:35   Presentation of the AEI mapping of cluster competences and services: promotion and national/international recognition: Mario Buisán, Director General of Industry and SME

10:35 – 11:45  Round table: clusters as main stakeholders in the Spanish industrial policy. Moderator: Fernando Valdés, Deputy Director of Industry Digitization and Collaborative Platforms. Panelists:

  • Mar González Paredes – Cluster Manager Functional Print
  • Patricia Tamés – Deputy Director AFM
  • Alberto Cominges – Cluster Manager CEAGA

11:45 -  12:00    Questions

12:00  Closure  

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